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Vital information and Resources for New United States Immigrants

This website is dedicated to helping new immigrants find basic information that will help them act responsibly, due to our strong personal convictions that ”people with information are compelled to act responsibly"

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Guide for New Immigrants
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Civil Surgeon in Your Ar
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Voluntary Agencies is a comprehensive, easy-to-use immigration web site that provides an extensive directory of resources to help conect new immigrants with available services and resources in their communities.


Whether you are a new immigrant, a practitioner, or just researching information for someone else, or someone who is considering seriously immigrating to the USA or just visiting, we hope the information compiled on this website helps understand the most common challenges faced by immigrants and refugees as they adapt to this new country while becoming familiar with the various services available to support their successful social and economic integration in the USA.

Moving to America can be exciting, but it is also a time of major adjustments; for some, learning new language, learning new culture, learning new laws, dealing with family reunification issues, etc.




Connecting new immigrants to available resources is central to


Throughout this website we hope you will find tools and resources helpful to help adjust to life in the United States. 



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